Welcome! On this website you can find current info on what events I am attending, my current fleet, flight videos and much more!

Currently spending most of my effort on school, I'm a Mechanical engineering scenior and I am not able to fit helis in right now.  I still fly and still go to several events but not nearly on the level I would like to.  have to knock out school and ill be back!


Also check out our photography website, helping to pay the bills in school.



Huntsville this past weekend was a blast!  It was great seeing everyone there.  I am also now proud to announce I am flying rail blades!

8/1/12 Placed 12th in XFC and the videos are now up on Runryder.com!!!




well the videos I did with Destin have been going over great!  it has gotten coverage from several big news networks such as cbs, cnn and discovery channel.  Destin just posted the third video in the series this weekend, check it out!




Gizmodo posted an article about the video I did with destin!



I recently had an awesome opportunity to work with Destin on his channel "smarter every day"  and we did a cool series on how helicopters work, here is the first of several videos!!