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  • Chip (Wednesday, June 12 13 12:25 pm EDT)

    Carl! Just saw you in Destin's video and boy do you have some skills! I would love to get into something like this but I have no idea how. Any chance you could help me out. What you do is awesome and
    I'd love to get into it too.

  • Luis (Saturday, May 04 13 01:51 pm EDT)

    Hi Carl!,

    I just swa your videos at @smartereveryday and let me tell you that it's AMAZING! what you can do with the helicopter. I'm now oficially interested on having my own helicopter and that's why I'm
    writing you...can you post information about the helicopter you use, where did you buy it? or how to build a similar one? That would be very helpful!! Thanks again and Congratulations!! keep going
    like you are!! Regards.

  • Brett Mezen (Sunday, February 17 13 04:28 pm EST)

    Hey Carl

    Your videos are great flying and great quality. I see you use Pivothead glasses for a lot of them. Would you be able to tell me what model glasses you use as I fly RC planes and want to get some good
    flying video.


  • Jonathan (Saturday, December 29 12 03:46 am EST)

    Hey can you please tell me where to get that awesome helicopter you used in Destins videos. Oh and how much did it cost?

  • Anthony (Sunday, December 23 12 07:25 pm EST)

    Hi Carl, if you may sighted this mail, please respond as I am anxiously wanting to learn how may I fly my Heli I bought years ago........

  • William Charest Bernard (Tuesday, October 16 12 07:22 pm EDT)

    HI Carl!
    so there it is ! i have a small but fast helicopter! a walkera V120D02,and from what i saw i might have the problem that ur friend made a video of !the disemetrie of lift! when i do fly by at her
    maximum speed it seems like the speed vs the size of the heli is just right balanced but at the moment where i pull back the heli to make it flat over the ground, well the nose go up really flat wich
    make my helo stop really quick! it make sence that this effect is in cause cause i try to deactivate my electronic gyro put it hard or soft my servos are fine so its the only plausible thing that can
    happen i guess. i can easyly make a video to show you what it does if u have time to watch !
    thanks for your time and WoW ur flying skills are great!

    William C.B.
    Sherbrooke QC

  • Wael Ali (Saturday, August 25 12 06:43 pm EDT)

    Where can i buy like this helocopter that u used and
    How match cost ?

  • Jonah (Wednesday, May 30 12 01:08 am EDT)

    Hey Carl, I'm new to flying RC heli's but i was wondering what model and how much your heli was?

  • Desmond (Thursday, May 24 12 12:19 am EDT)

    Hi Carl, thanks for the wonderful videos. Is learning to control the helicoptor the way you do something I can do on my own? I'll like to get started! And where do I get remote control helicopters
    like yours...
    A physics teacher
    from singapore

  • Gilbert (Wednesday, May 09 12 02:14 pm EDT)

    Where do you buy your helicopters/parts from and how did you get started/so proficient at flying them?

  • Nahuel (Monday, May 07 12 11:53 pm EDT)

    I loved the helicopter video series at Smarter Every Day. You're a great pilot! I recently got into rc helicopters and I'm trying to learn with a small one (Solo Pro v1). I learned a lot about
    helicopters from you and Destin, I hope you keep the videos coming. I'll make sure you guys become famous in Argentina (or at least with my friends). Take care.

  • Jon (Friday, April 27 12 09:56 pm EDT)

    Thx for doing the SED videos! You rock that RC, dude, and it's totally a blast to watch :-)

  • Caleb (Friday, April 27 12 08:39 pm EDT)

    Carl, superb job flying in Destin's videos. The inverted autorotation was awesome. I'd also never seen the laser thing done. That will really help a lot of people understand the swashplate. Great job

  • Evan (Friday, April 27 12 06:01 pm EDT)


    I've seen you a few times on the SmarterEveryDay channel and I must say it's amazing how you can control that helicopter! My son is interested in them, so I went to the local stores and hobby shops
    to see what I could find, but they seemed pretty low quality for the price. Then again, I'm no RC helicopter expert! I wondered if you have a suggestion on a good 'starter' RC helicopter, and if
    there are any texts or websites he can look into to help him learn.

    Thanks for your time!

  • David Buchanan (Saturday, April 21 12 08:33 am EDT)

    Hi Carl,

    Just wanted to say I loved the video's you did with Destin on smarter every day. I'm curious to know the model of helicopter you use?


  • John (Thursday, April 12 12 06:24 am EDT)

    I was watching you on "Smarter everyday" and I am very impressed with how you explain things. I do have one question when you are explaining how the helicopter pitches forward, by a 90 degree delay.
    Could you explain in simple terms the physics as to why there is a delay? Why 90 degrees? why not 67 degrees (for example)
    Keep up the great work.

  • Robert Durbin (Thursday, March 22 12 08:06 pm EDT)

    Love your skills man! But I wanted to ask your advice on what a good beginner 6-channel heli would be. (preferably belt driven 450+ size) I mostly fly airplanes and own a blade cp, but I want a solid
    3D heli. If you can give a suggestion on a complete kit, or even give me a parts list for a complete build, it would be very much appreciated!

  • Jason Courtright (Thursday, March 15 12 10:34 pm EDT)

    Phenomenal performance on the videos, absolutely amazing...keep up the good work

  • DISCOVERY CHANNEL (Tuesday, March 13 12 03:32 pm EDT)

    URGENT INTERVIEW REQUEST - please call 416.384.4510 within the hour or email Monica.Blaylock@bellmedia.ca THANKS

  • Darryl Sandlin (Sunday, March 11 12 02:09 pm EDT)

    Destin's video made you look like the competent, capable, cool pilot that you are. Now that you are famous remember us little guys. . .

    Ha. This is Destin's dad

    thanks for helping Destin with his videos I really enjoyed the first one.